M O K U   S T Y L E


Our approach is to capture natural candid moments that tell the story of your Wedding day and provide you with unique lasting memories.
As your Wedding photographers we like to blend into the background as much as possible so you and your guests can relax and enjoy the special day.
A balance of authentic moments captured with sensitivity and style, a reflection of the real character and vibe of the day.
We prefer not to pose you or your guests, instead we like to capture moments as they flow naturally.


We love to travel and explore new locations from a beach in Cornwall to the mountains of Spain, from tropical Bali to rugged New Zealand.
We would love to document your Wedding anywhere in the world, and are happy to create a custom package for you.
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Our full day Wedding Photography package starts from the morning Bride & Groom preparations to the first dance & evening celebrations.
We work as a team, the 2 of us shooting different perspectives on the day to create the most complete visual story of your wedding.

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Getting ready for your wedding is an important process to capture, as you are surrounded by your closest friends and family, helping you prepare for the biggest day of your life. Often emotional, funny and chaotic, we don't miss a moment of this for the bride and groom.  This is one of the great benefits of working as a photographic team, we can be in two places at once, so you don't miss these memories!


Location is everything - It sets the mood of the wedding, and says a lot about you as a couple.  It's the place you've chosen to say your vows, and celebrate your love for each other, and is something we like to document before the day begins, and throughout the proceedings.



With a background as artists, we love to see your creativity shine on the day through all the decorations you've chosen and made.  From flowers and bunting, to table decorations and sparkling lights... you've spent months planning every part of your wedding down to the tiniest details, and documenting these efforts is a particular favourite of ours. 


We will arrive at the venue before the ceremony in order to capture guests arriving, and the atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.  Where possible, we can make the most of being a team, with one photographer staying near the groom, and the other documenting the bride as she arrives.  We can ensure 2 varied perspectives on the ceremony, but like to keep at a discreet distance and not intrude on the proceedings in anyway.  


A time for celebration, filled with hugs, laughter, tears and confetti !  We will be blending into the background, to capture these moments naturally as they happen around you.


A favourite part of the day for us is the Bride & Groom portrait shoot.  We are happy to do this at the wedding venue, or at another location of your choosing.  Perhaps there's a favourite beach nearby, or some woodland you wish to wonder through?  This is the part of the day just for the two of you!


There are so many great natural moments to be captured during the speeches.  If there's time after the reception, taking 5 minutes out for a bride & groom sunset, or twilight photo can be a magical memory to keep.